Monday, February 27, 2017

The Blushing Sissy

Just moments before my sissy wife was ready to leave to go to Linda's to give her a pedicure on Saturday morning I told her there was just one more thing that had to be done.  Instead of delaying her spanking any longer, I decided to administer it right then and there.

After Terri texted Linda to let her know she might be a few minutes late she was stripped down to just her panties and bent over the foot of the bed. 

After sliding her panties down to her ankles I carefully parted her cheeks to remove the Njoy butt plug she'd been wearing all morning.  She'd be uncomfortable enough.  I didn't want the plug to interfere with the severity of the spanking I had in mind. 

The Njoy has a cute little handle that helps you guide it in and out of its intended "target" pretty easily.  After taking it out, I walked over to the bathroom and let it soak in some warm soapy water. 

Hairbrush in hand I proceeded to give terri fifty hard swats on her bottom, twenty-five on each of her cute cheeks.  It took longer than I thought.  I paced myself a bit to savor the changing color of her soft skin.  By the time the last blow was landed, I knew I'd finished one of the more serious spankings I'd ever given her.  She fought back tears.

I inserted the plug back in and made her change into a pair of designated punishment panties, a rather fancy pair of cream colored form fitting bikini panties with a wide row of lace around the leg openings.  The panties didn't cover all the crimson color of her cheeks which was just the way I wanted it.

After she was on her way to Linda's I made sure to call Linda to remind her to check on the butt plug once Terri arrived.  I wanted to make sure everything was in place just the way I left it.

Moments later came this text:  "My goodness!  Someone's been naughty."

Linda knew about the "plugging" but not the spanking.  Later I found out that she enjoyed the surprise.

The combination of her reddened cheeks and the butt plug had quite the effect on sissy.

"You should have seen her blush" Linda said.


Friday, February 24, 2017

Pantied, Plugged & Locked

As my beautiful sissy wife mentioned in yesterday's post, Wednesday's time with Paul was absolutely delightful and delicious.  Probably more delicious for her that it was for me if you catch my drift :) 

Dressed in almost matching nighties (hers was a pink babydoll of course while mine was black lace and a bit longer) Paul enjoyed the attention he was receiving from the two of us on our knees in front of him.  Quite frankly, I felt almost as submissive as sissy.  Not quite though.  She was in chastity while I wasn't :)

Feeling another set of lips on your lover's cock, especially when they belong to your submissive spouse, can be quite a thrill.  It's taking the concept of sharing to an entirely different erotic level.

At the end of the afternoon after sissy had tasted more than just my well satisfied private parts, I came to the conclusion that my sissy wife would love (and probably needs) to have a boyfriend of her own.  She certainly knows how to make a man happy.  Of course she's had a pretty good teacher...or perhaps it just comes naturally to her :)

As perfect as the day was, there was a little incident later in the evening that upset me and warranted some discipline with the hair brush that's been put off until the weekend.  And earlier today, there was another faux pas that added a little more discipline and a bit more corner time to the list of weekend things to do!

So for now she's not only in panties and chastity but plugged as well.  I have no way of knowing for sure that she's kept her plug in place the entire time I've been at work, but I'll know for sure she'll be wearing it this weekend.

She'll be giving Linda a pedicure tomorrow morning at her place.  The only time she'll be out of mine or Linda's sight will be during the short drives from our places to Linda's and back.  When she arrives at Linda's and returns home, there will be prompt inspections to make sure everything's in place.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.   Mine is starting out just fine!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cuckold Threesomes & Other Things

i've been prohibited from going into any detail about yesterday afternoon's visit by Paul.  Diane has promised to take care of that in the next few days.  i am allowed to say that a good time was had by all.  "All" even included me :)  It was a very erotic cuckold threesome....

As wonderful as yesterday was it wasn't perfect.  Just before bedtime i did something that disappointed Diane and as a result earned a yet-to-be-delivered spanking with Her hairbrush.  The discipline was scheduled for later this afternoon but due a long work day and a basketball game later this evening, it's been postponed again.

Maybe She'll just forget about it.

Onto other things....

my sissy gurlfriend Leeanne is having quite the time down in Mexico.  It looks like she's becoming the hit of the party down there!  Why am i not surprised????

All her partying and exploits have left me just a little bit jealous.  It's also got me to do a little fantasizing of my own.

Just imagining how nice it would be to go on a sissy vacation....

i've picked out just the perfect dress to wear for that special date.

Which pose do you prefer?  The front?  The back?

And how about something soft, flowing and ultra feminine for our suite?

It's pretty, but the heels, hose and garter make it sexy!

Then there's just some pretty lingerie to lounge around in, maybe while sipping cocktails on our balcony....

And maybe it's just me, but i love having my bra unhooked.....


sissy terri

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Getting Ready for My Lover!

It's been some time since I had a day off in the middle of the week that hasn't been associated with some kind of vacation.  I just took this one because I could and so far, I'm enjoying it very, very much.

I woke up at my usual early morning hour, turned over and slept just a little while longer before rustling my sissy wife and demanding some attention.  Said attention was given promptly and enjoyed ever so thoroughly.

A little while later while lounging around with Terri enjoying our coffee, I suggested she go out into the driveway and fetch me the morning paper. 

"Don't change" I told her.  She was in a short pink satin robe with white polka dots.  It's her favorite and one she wears often.  I'm usually out the door first and often pick up the paper and toss it back into the garage.  Today, it was just sitting in the driveway waiting to be picked up.

"No one's going to see you unless the paper is way at the bottom of the driveway and someone's driving by" I said.  "They'll probably think it's me anyway."

Like a good sport, she did as she was told and in very quick "fashion." 

After a quick read of the paper and other online news it was time for a trip to the gym followed by a wonderful breakfast prepared by my lovely spouse.

Now, I'm just waiting for my lover Paul to get here later today.  It's really a date with both my lovers; Paul and my cuckold. 

I think I'm deserving of both their attention.  It's not necessarily going to be their "undivided" attention.  That's totally understandable and actually what I want.

I'm going to see to it that we all pay attention to each other.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Cuckold's Dream Come True

While i'm here recuperating from two weeks of golf, slaving away with piles of laundry and lingerie to wash, plenty of ironing to do and housework aplenty, my sissy gurlfriend Leeanne is enjoying what every cuckold dreams of:  A luxury vacation with her wife, and her wife's bull!

Check her blog for updates.  But if her first day is any indication, Mexico is a very "cuckold friendly" country.

She must have looked so sissy in those gurly jeans, padded girdle and boots for the flight :)

Let's hope that silly wall never gets built!


sissy terri

Monday, February 20, 2017

Messing the Sheets

For the second consecutive day, my sissy wife had to change the bed sheets.  Before you jump to a conclusion let me state right up front that I did not see Paul yesterday.  This time, it was my sissy who messed the sheets.

After our guests had finally left yesterday morning, terri had completed her chores and we returned from  a visit with our adorable grandchildren, I was in a very romantic mood.  It had been a long time since I'd made love to my wife.  I could sense that she both needed, and wanted "it."

"Go get things ready" I told her.  Further instructions weren't necessary

The cage didn't come off right away.  I kept it on her throughout the foreplay and while she worshiped me to two orgasms.  The cage stayed on while she helped me into my harness and got my strap-on nice and wet with her sissy lips.  Only after she was adequately lubed did I take it off.

And, know what usually happens when she's out of the cage right?

Just because she came so quickly didn't mean that our lovemaking was over.  Far from it.  I continued to enjoy my strap-on in a few more positions before I took it off.

We lay there for quite awhile just enjoying one another.

An hour later, there were crisp clean sheets on the bed.


p.s...on the subject of lube, I noticed that we were getting a little low on lube and we'll have to order some soon.  Though I like the lube we use, I'm always interested in knowing if there's something better out there.  Any recommendations?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cuckold Duties

Some of my regular duties, domestic and otherwise, have had to take a back seat or be postponed the last couple of weeks while we had guests here while others have not.  There have also been other duties that depending on Diane's mood or other situational variables that i've been made to fulfill despite the presence of our guests.

One of these tasks has been the hand washing of our lingerie.  In the privacy of our master bath i've continued this particular duty on a regular basis these past two weeks, hanging the lingerie to dry either in our bedroom or the adjacent private study.  i've also continued to make our bed each morning like i always do.  Yesterday however, i made the bed a little later than usual.

While i was out golfing with guests, Paul and Diane were busy making love at home.  It had begun to rain as we approached the sixteenth tee and by the time we holed out on number eighteen, it was raining quite hard.  We all agreed to finish the round and even if we hadn't and headed straight back home, Diane's private time with Paul would have been over.  No uncomfortable "sorry to interrupt" scene would have taken place.

When we got back home, no one was given any indication that some serious cuckolding had taken place hours before.  Diane looked stunningly beautiful (and very content) as she graciously welcomed the group back, asking how the game went, did the rain bother us and engaging the group as She usually does.

A few minutes later i excused myself to go upstairs to shower while others did the same in their own guest bathrooms.  When i got into the bedroom, i noticed a large note on the unkempt bed:
Change the sheets after your shower.  Wish you had been here.  We missed you.
i took a quick shower, hurrying so that it wouldn't appear that i was gone that long.  It didn't work.

"What took you so long?" one of my friends asked.

i could see Diane smiling.  i made up some excuse about answering some emails and quickly changed the subject.

In Diane's view, some cuckold duties are more important than others.  This one must be one of them.


sissy terri