Friday, September 23, 2016

One With, One Without

For reasons out of my control I had probably been neglecting my sissy wife far more than I usually do the past couple of weeks.  In the middle of it all was my "crafty but cruel" caper where I led Terri to believe I was having dinner with friends while all the time I was cavorting with Paul. 

The little white lie aside, my sissy would be lying if she told you she didn't enjoy the aftermath of my time with Paul.  All the same, I realized this week that I needed to do something about all the neglect.

So I did something about it.  Not just once, but twice.

Early Wednesday evening She got "my things" ready and shortly after I got home I was sliding into my strap-on harness.  The harness is made of leather and laces in the back similar to a corset.  What I really love about it is that sissy's the one who laces me in, making sure it's nice and tight and ready for whatever type of lovemaking I want.

Wednesday's session featured sissy taking it with her pretty little ass pointed up to the ceiling fan in our master bedroom.  Her head was buried into some pillows while my strap-on was buried somewhere else.  Before you think this was some vicious attack from behind, it was anything but.

I took her softly (well, the strap-on isn't soft) and gently.  She was still caged so I knew she was experiencing some discomfort.  She loves being taken this way so naturally, her little clitty gets hard and fills up her cage.  My goal was to let her enjoy a sissy orgasm in the cage, but one that would come about without any touching or vibration on the cage.  The Magic Wand was still locked away.  Any orgasm would come from my expert probing and maneuvering while reaching her p-spot.

It took a little while but the mission was accomplished.  I think I enjoyed it as much as she did.  I guess you say I had a similar feeling that a stud might have when he brings a woman to orgasm in the same way.  Yes, I'm my sissy's "stud."

Fast forward to last night.  Similar situation but this time she was freed from the cage for our lovemaking.  I could only tease her so long before she came. 

Two nights.  Two orgasms. 

She's gone from being neglected to downright spoiled.


p.s.  Yes, I did have orgasm of my own both nights.  I may be getting a little soft but I'm not going nuts.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Best "Lace" Scenarios

Last week  Victoria's Secret ran a special promotion called "Best Lace Scenarios" featuring a deliciously feminine assortment of lacy unmentionables.

Lace is one of those things that might very well make a sissy's heart skip a beat.  So when the email from Victoria's Secret came in with that catchy title i couldn't help think about some of my favorite lacy things.

Let's start with the two lovely pieces featured in the email. Very angelic in my opinion.  i'm in love with the panty in the first one!

And if you're looking for luxurious lace on a special piece of lingerie, you can always find something at another one of my favorite sites,  Secrets in Lace.

Now for some of my personal favorite items...

  • The pink lace bikini pantie...

  • The silk camisole and french knickers adorned with lace trim...

  • The lacy pink bra and panty set...

  • This all-lace white dress...

  • And some pink panties with row upon row of lacy ruffles....

  • Finally, my number one favorite (at least today)....the short lacy babydoll!

Sorry for the lacy overload.  Trust could have been much worse.


sissy terri

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sneaking Around

There's nothing sinister behind the recent "silence" here on our blog.   We're both quite well and being kept busy by a variety of circumstances that are both work related and personal.  Nothing to be concerned about.  But for the next month or so, posts aren't likely to be as regular as they once were.

As busy as we've both been, there's little that's changed when it comes to our lifestyle.  Sissy remains locked 100% of the time, working on another perfect month as we move into the second half of September.  I'm also proud that she's not dropped the ball when it comes to her domestic responsibilities despite being occupied with so many other things.  And she's been so quick to respond to my demands for pleasure whenever I've wanted it.

All this makes me feel a little bad that I lied to her last week.  Not too bad, but just a little.  See, I ended up lying to her for her own good or more specifically, her own pleasure.

Thursday afternoon I let her know that I'd be going out after work with a few friends for a glass of wine and a light dinner.  I told her not to wait for me for dinner, that I should be all set and home by around 7:30.

There was no dinner with friends.  Instead, there was a "secret" meeting with Paul.  Two hours of pent up lust with my alpha lover, made even more satisfying by the fact that I'd "lied" to my sissy cuckold and was sneaking around on her.  The sissy's penis was locked up at home while Paul's was busy giving me one orgasm after another.  It was great sex, but I couldn't wait to get home with my sexy surprise for Terri.

By 7:35 PM I was feeding her that surprise and minutes later got to enjoy another powerful orgasm, this one orally-induced by my hungry little cuckold.

It didn't take her long to figure out I hadn't had dinner with friends.  I didn't let her ask questions, instead just telling her to keep licking.

"Yes.  I was with Paul" I told her as I held her head in place with both hands.  "Don't stop until I tell you."

She didn't.  She enjoyed it and so did I.

There's something sexy about sneaking around.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Mommy's Closet

Sometime in the 1960's i remember my parents having a weeks or perhaps even months long discussion about moving into or building a bigger home.  i liked where we lived, had made many friends and was soon to be of age to play Little League Baseball with the park only a mile away from our home.

i wasn't nearly as vocal in opposition as my two older sisters.  Never a day went by that they didn't make their opinions known.  In the end it was decided that instead of moving, we would put an extensive addition onto the house.  It took nearly a year before everything was finished.  From the hiring of an architect, a contractor and all the way to the new landscaping was finished, we were constantly accommodating the slew of workers needed to get the job done.

One of the things my Mom insisted on was an expansion of the master bedroom which would include a walk-in closet.  There was more closet space everywhere, but none compared with the size of this new closet off Mom and Dad's bedroom.  

Not long after all the construction was completed i made it my business to check out everything that had changed in our house.  One of my first stops was this magnificently large closet that seemed to be even bigger than my old bedroom.  When i walked into it and turned on the light, i never knew that my Mom owned so many clothes, shoes and even hats.  Yes, women wore hats in those days.

Glancing through the closet and noticing all the clothes, my eyes were immediately drawn to a corner on the left where what looked like various nightgowns were on hangers, all of them in pretty pastels of pink, yellow, blue, etc.  It was late afternoon and i'd already been home about an hour.  My sisters would be home soon, followed by my Mom not much later then Dad.  i'd come back to see them another time.

I caught as many glimpses of them as i could and even took them off the hanging rod and held them up against myself.  i wanted to try them on so very much, or at least one of them.  Yet there never seemed to be a time that was 100% safe.  Once, i was even caught by one of my sisters coming out of Mom and Dad's closet.

"What were you doing in there?" She asked. 

"i borrowed some of Dad's shoe shine" i replied quickly.  Fortunately she was in one of her moods where ignoring me was the better option. 

my opportunity came on a Saturday afternoon two or three months later.  The house would be mine for much of the day.  Outdoor plans were cancelled by a rainy day.  There was no better way to spend it than by trying on some pretty nightgowns.

i've never been so careful with any piece of lingerie in all my life. 

i also never felt so feminine in all my life.

i returned each one that i tried on to its proper place, exactly the way i'd found it.

Whenever the opportunity arose over the years i'd do the same thing.  Each successive opportunity was equally exciting as the last.  i was probably even more careful each time, wearing only one of the nightgowns instead of trying to rush and wear them all.

Like other young CD's, each session with a nighty was followed by extreme feelings of guilt and a promise that the most recent episode would be the last.

It never was the last.   Perhaps weeks or even months would go by without a trip to Mommy's closet but eventually, the yearnings were too great.

i was never able to stay away.


sissy terri 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Women In Charge - Part II

One hundred years ago, this little item was probably the hottest chastity device on the market.

One hundred years later this one's flying off the shelves for $165, far beyond the rate of inflation.

Progress comes with a price.


Friday, September 9, 2016

Women In Charge

Despite some recent tightening of the race for POTUS, Nate Silver's popular web site   gives Hillary Clinton a 70% chance of emerging victorious if the election were held today.  Silver's probabilities for each candidate changes daily (sometimes more than once a day i believe) and are the results of a forecasting model he initially put in place four years ago for the last presidential election.  In that race between President Obama and Mitt Romney, i'm pretty sure Silver predicted the electoral vote outcome with 100% accuracy. 

Less than 100 years ago many women did not even have the right to vote.  Now, we are on the verge of electing a female president.  Further, had she not totally messed up her handling of the email "scandal", the election wouldn't even be close. 

While there's still a long way to go, women have overcome numerous and significant obstacles individual and as a group as they've battled for equal rights.  Having a woman at the top of the ticket of a major political party is far more than a symbolic event. 

This isn't meant to be a political post of any sorts.  This is after all an "alternative lifestyle" blog.  There has to be a connection between the 2016 race to the White House and the usual subject matter you see on these pages.

Having women enjoy all the same rights and privileges that men do should be the ultimate goal right?

Maybe....or maybe not.

What if the the scales of justice weren't just equally balanced, but slowly started to shift in the favor of the female gender?  What would such a future world look like?

If you want to catch a glimpse of a "post patriarchal society" check out the blog As The Worm Turns.  Its writer Stana is also the author of the ever-popular Femulate blog to which you can find a link on one of my blog listings. 

If we do indeed move towards such a society, there's no doubt "some of us" would be far more comfortable with it than others.

Personally, i'd have my own "career" choice to make.   i'd probably opt for the stay-at-home sissy wife role that i so love today.

On the other hand being the "office bimbo" sounds pretty enticing too!


sissy terri

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sex - Who Needs It?

People who believe in astrology call it "an intense astrological time."  We are calling it "busy as hell."

That's the way the stars are lined up for us in the next couple of months.  So much so that last night Diane warned me not to "let the blog get in the way" of the Female Led Relationship of ours.

"It won't kill you to skip blogging for a day or two once and awhile" She added.  She's right of course.  When we're all wrapped up in everyday "vanilla" things and other real life events, there's not always something kinky to write about.  Most of the time there's nothing at all.

However....all these vanilla activities take place within the context of a FLR.  That's especially true with us since essentially i'm in chastity on a full-time basis.  Not much time goes by without my thinking about the pink cage that's locked between my legs and what it means.

So here's to being busy and staying out of trouble.

Sex?  Who needs it in a FLR like ours?

Well, maybe just one of the parties.


sissy terri